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Posted: June 2, 2017 in Uncategorized
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Over at Roster Resource, we’ve been working hard to keep our readers updated on the state of each team from the Majors down to the low Minors. Not only do we provide up-to-the-minute depth charts with a ton of useful information, we have recently launched three new features that can give you an even better understanding of each roster.

Closer Depth Chart

  • Our closer chart lists 3-5 relievers for each team with current role, recent bullpen usage and power ranking (overall and last 14 days).
  • Notable closer workloads with likely replacement(s) for that day
  • Injury updates
  • Closers who are running out of chances and who is next in line to take their job.

Rotation Depth Tracker

  • A look at each team’s starting rotation usage and effectiveness.
  • View how many (and which) starters have been used by each team, which rotations are eating the most innings and which ones are providing their teams with the most quality starts.
  • View which teams are getting the most starts out of homegrown pitchers.

Disabled List Tracker

  • Our “Roster Effect Rating” shows which teams have been hit hardest by injuries using a formula that takes a player’s projected value and numbers of days on the DL into account.
  • DL stint tally per team
  • DL start and return dates.
  • Number of days on the DL per player.

Please feel free to leave feedback or suggestions in the comment section or contact me @mlbdepthcharts.

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