MLB To Investigate Abuse Allegations Against Addison Russell

Posted: June 8, 2017 in Uncategorized
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Major League Baseball will investigate domestic violence allegations against Cubs shortstop Addison Russell, reports Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago-Sun Times.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, a friend of Russell’s wife, Melisa, accused Russell of “mentally and physically” abusing Melisa. As a result, the league would like to interview both Melisa Russell and her friend, according to Wittenmyer.

Addison Russell is now the second major leaguer to face domestic abuse allegations this week. Rays catcher Derek Norris’ ex-fiancee accused him of “physical and emotional abuse” in an Instagram post on Tuesday, but Norris quickly refuted that, saying:  “I have NEVER been physically or emotionally abusive towards her, or anyone else in my life. I plan to go above and beyond to assist MLB with their investigation into this matter.”

Since the league instituted its current domestic violence policy two years ago, suspensions have been handed out to Aroldis Chapman, Jose Reyes, Hector Olivera and Jeurys Familia. As MLBTR’s Steve Adams noted on Wednesday, each of those players’ situations dealt with singular incidents and came with criminal investigations. The cases of Russell and Norris differ from theirs, but both players are clearly at risk of facing some sort of punishment from the league.

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