MLBTR Seeking Team Facebook Page Managers

Posted: June 19, 2017 in Uncategorized
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Are you an avid Facebook user and a diehard fan of the Yankees, Cardinals, Red Sox, Cubs, or Braves?  Then MLBTR might have a job for you.

For many years, MLBTR has run a Facebook page for each of the 30 MLB teams.  For example, here’s our Yankees page.  From inception, these pages have been entirely automated, and thus, nothing special.  We can do better.  That’s why we’re launching an experiment in which actual human fans will curate our five most popular team Facebook pages.

You may notice that for these five teams, the names have been changed.  For example, the Facebook page is now New York Yankees News & Rumors.  We feel that MLBTR has the rumors, hot stove, and transaction information pretty well-covered for each club, and the team Facebook pages will continue to link to MLBTR for that.  But there’s ample team-related news that would be of interest to fans, but would not fit on  In this experiment, our curators will be posting news on those topics as well.  For example, each game will have a game thread,  postgame post, and links to highlight videos, for the purpose of discussion with fellow fans.  Other types of news, like a lineup change, breakout performance by a top prospect, schedule and promotional information, interviews with current and former players, and All-Star voting updates will also be covered on these team Facebook pages.  This will also be a space for the curator to share links to opinion and analysis articles from high-quality outlets.  If you’re interested in applying to be one of our five curators for this experiment, read on…

  • The Yankees, Cardinals, Red Sox, Cubs, and Braves are the teams in our initial experiment, simply because their MLBTR Facebook pages are our most popular.  If the experiment is a success, we’ll add more teams.  So, we’re looking for superfans of these five teams only right now.  Please mention which team you support in the subject line of your email application.
  • The pay for this is a flat $50 per month.
  • This position requires prompt posting of MLBTR articles related to your team, as well as a minimum of five additional posts per day (whether an image, video, link, gif, meme, discussion thread, or poll).  We also hope you’ll engage with your fellow fans in the comment section on the Facebook posts.
  • These pages will be more laid-back than MLBTR itself, so humor is encouraged.  Still, the pages will remain family friendly.
  • You’ll need to know your way around Facebook, to ensure you are posting in the proper format.  The position will require usage of our Trade Rumors app for notifications.  We’re seeking strong writers, to ensure proper spelling and grammar.  And of course, the gig requires deep knowledge of your team and a good understanding of hot stove concepts.
  • If you’re interested in managing and curating MLBTR’s Facebook page for the Yankees, Cardinals, Red Sox, Cubs, or Braves, please email explaining your qualifications and why you’re the right person for the job.

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