AL International Signings: 7/2/17

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Here are some notable American League international signings not yet covered elsewhere on MLB Trade Rumors.  All signing information can be found in these invaluable compilations of the initial flurry of July 2 action from Baseball America’s Ben Badler and’s Jesse Sanchez; the information here is from those sources unless otherwise credited…

  • The Yankees have agreed to sign Venezuelan shortstops Everson Pereira and Roberto Chirinos, while also reaching a deal with Dominican shortstop Ronny Rojas.  Pereira is the highest-earning of the bunch with a $1.5MM bonus, while Rojas will receive $1.05MM and Chirinos $900K.  Badler tweets that Rojas isn’t eligible to officially sign until August, when he turns 16 years old.
  • The Blue Jays have reached agreement with Brazilian right-hander Eric Pardinho on a $1.4MM bonus, as well as signing Dominican shortstop Miguel Hiraldo to a $750K deal.

from MLB Trade Rumors


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